When human society faces the challenges of aging, modern gerontologists like the guides standing
on the crossroads to direct and help us to explore, and ultimately find solutions and ways to cope with them.
Welcome to American Longevity Healthcare, Inc.

   American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., (ALHC), is a California corporation established in 2002. ALHC was founded by a group of American professional health providers who are medical doctors and gerontologists. Also, ALHC is the first international consulting company in the U.S.A. to provide unique bilingual geriatric consulting services (English and Chinese) for the development and operation of senior long-term care services in America and the mainland of China.

   Also, American Longevity Healthcare, Inc. is home to highly respect geriatric long-term care consultant and medical doctor- Yuli Wang from China. With a noble goal of providing professional and bilingual consultancy services (English and Chinese) for the developers and providers of senior long-term care in America and China, we pour our hearts into improving the quality of life of every senior who is looking for it in our longevity society.

  Since 2002, American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., as a worldwide professional consulting company specialized in geriatric care and long-term care, has provided unique bilingual services for the development and operation of elderly care projects and services in America and China. Moreover, our professional services focused on individual and person-centered care have offered many great opportunities at happy life for the seniors who are underserved to live longer and healthier independently.

  Here at American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., we aim to provide outstanding professional services to equip your staff with the right knowledge and skills to care for the elderly. We believe that the key to proper geriatric long-term care is a wealth of knowledge and skills that every staff needs. With this, all service providers could provide much high quality of care for the frail elderly to have a better opportunity to live longer and healthier.

  Our commitment to improving the quality of life of seniors is rooted in our passion for helping seniors age with dignity. We believe that every person deserves to live a full life with their head high and their self-worth intact. It is with this belief that we dedicate our time and share our expertise to elevate your senior care services to higher heights.

  Backed with over three decades of practice and expertise in medical and geriatric care, we at American Longevity Healthcare, Inc. take pride in our reputation as an outstanding geriatric long-term care consultant for trusted senior living providers included in the continual care retirement community (CCRC) in both America and China. Confident of our record of accomplishment in the industry, we are pleased to offer our bilingual professional service and be a part of the significant change in the lives of many.

  So, if you are looking for a bilingual expert geriatric and dementia care consulting service you can trust in the development and operation of senior long-term care services diversified, you just found one, American Longevity Healthcare, Inc.,

Please, click our following main services provided for community-based senior living:
The development and operation of modern senior living;
  What is Independent Living or Independent LivingAssisted Living or CCRC?
The development and operation of modern adult day care ;
  What is Adult Day Health Care or Senior Day Care?
The development and operation of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care;
  What is Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care?
The development and operation of home care;
  What is Home Care for Seniors?
The development and operation of Hospice Care ;
  What is Hospice Care Services?
The multidisciplinary team-building and training for person-centered care.
  What is the person-centered care in long-term care facilities?
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