Carry forward China's outstanding cultural traditions, respect the elderly, love the elderly, help the elderly,
and make every effort to make our world into a beautiful living space where humans can adapt to aging.
 In China, our bilingual professional services (Chinese and English) have been provided for both the providers of senior long-term care and individual seniors to help people live longer and better. Our consultation services in China have mainly focused on the senior care industry as following areas. Please, click the following subjects you are interested in:
Development and improvement of Senior Long-term Care Programs and Services
Professional Consultation Services Specified
Development and improvement of
Senior Long-term Care Programs and Services

  Market Demand for Elderly Care in China
  The Urgent Challenges of China’s Elderly Care
  The Main Services for China’s Senior Care Development
  Understanding Senior Long-term Care System
  Development of Senior Long-term Care System in China
  Development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in China
  Development of Palliative and Hospice Care in China
  Professional Education and Training in China’s Senior Care
  International exchange professional education
  Development of Senior Care Products
  Silver Industry Development
  Development of IT and E-Health for Seniors’ Self-Care
  Development of the Top Ten Senior Care Projects in China
  Chronic Disease Care Management for Seniors in China
  Independent Living Community
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Assisted Living Community
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Residential Care for the Elderly in California (RCFE)
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Continual Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Board-care for the elderly
  Community Multipurpose Senior Center
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Adult Day Health Care/Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS)
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Skilled Nursing Facilities
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Elderly Day Care Centers
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care and Services
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Home Care
(Services provided in Chinese)
  Hospice Care
(Services provided in Chinese)
Professional Consultation Services Specified
  The Development and Improvement of Programs and Services
  The Main Services Specified in China
  The Main Projects and Programs served in China
  The Main Services Provided for American Chinese’ Seniors
  Home Care Services for Seniors
  Conduct project / program marketing analysis and feasibility report.
  Initial and creative designing for new projects with comprehensive services.
  Upgraded improvement for current projects (care environment, expansion, remodeling, and the conversions for both facilities and services).
  Person-centered service development and care planning for seniors and families.
  Provide a professional assessment and evaluation for current programs and the right resolution the problems identified.
  Initial and improve Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care (the care environment needed and the services specified for facilities and families).
  Initial and improve Hospice Care for care facilities and families.
  Initial and upgrade multidisciplinary professional team-building and training.
  Efficient Operation and Management of Senior Long-term Care Services

Developing the policy and procedure of program or services needed.

  Multidisciplinary staff development and team-building.
  Efficient human resource management.
  Budget planning and analysis of financial feasibility.
  Upgraded and modified services to meet the needs of care changed.
  Service following up and quality control.
  Efficient operation to increase the profit of programs.
  Improvement of staff performance and documentation.
  Turnaround of underperforming facilities.
  Risk control and management in a care environment.
  Development of marketing strategies to grow up the business in the local communities.

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