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When human society faces the challenges of aging, modern gerontologists like the guides standing on the crossroads to direct and help us to explore, and ultimately find solutions and ways to cope with them.


American Longevity Healthcare, Inc.,
We can help people to live longer, and live better!


  American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., (ALHC), is a California corporation established in 2002. ALHC was founded by a group of American professional health providers who are medical doctors and gerontologists. Also, ALHC is the first international consulting company in the U.S.A. to provide unique bilingual geriatric consulting services (English and Chinese) for the development and operation of senior long-term care services in America and the mainland of China.

  As a medical doctor from China, Dr.Yuli Wang, the founder of the company and specialized geriatric care professional, has worked the front line of American long-term care for more than twenty years. As a certified administrator of residential care for the elderly in California (RCFE), the irectors in the senior community-based care programs diversified, and an American certified dementia care practitioner and trainer with extensive and updated professional continuing education and training, Dr. Wang has contributed her more than three decades’ extensive and dedicated knowledge and professional work experiences to the developments and operations of multiple geriatric long-term care projects in both America and China. Also, Dr. Wang, as a great leader of senior care programs, has directly directed the multidisciplinary team in taking care of the frail elderly with a great passion and high quality of services in American elderly care programs diversified.

  Moreover, since 2000, Dr. Wang has continually provided multidisciplinary consultation services in program development and management for other developers and providers of senior long-term care projects in America and China. To know more details about Dr. Wang’s professional background and achievements, you may review them either in English or Chinese.

  In today’s longevity society, living in the golden years can be overwhelming or daunting at some points. The aging process is a natural occurrence that every person has to go through. However, because of the decline of physical and psychosocial health in growing older the challenges faced and struggled in the late life can impact the quality of life for seniors and their families. On the other hand, the struggles of caring for the frail elderly can be very frustrated and stressful if there is lack of community care services and resources to support seniors and their caregivers, especially, for the frail seniors underserved with a language barrier in America and China. That is where our expertise comes in to help seniors to live with dignity and independence in our aging-friendly community.

  To help people live longer and healthier, and cope with the challenges faced in aging process, at American Longevity Healthcare, Inc., our professional team, which includes the specialists in Western geriatric medicine, Chinese Traditional Herb Medicine and Therapy, and gerontological and psychosocial care, has provided extensive consultation services developed to meet most needs of diversified seniors who are either suffering from chronic health problems and/or looking for a higher quality of life to enjoy a healthy longevity in America and China. So, the company’s professional services specialized in the development and operation of multiple long-term care projects have mainly focused on the senior’s independence and happiness in a home-like living environment, health promotion, healthy longevity, self-care, chronic care management, psychosocial care, home care, dementia care, and the end of life care for the elderly population and their families.

  The company’s mission is to improve a responsive network of services and resources for the long-term care providers in America and China to develop multiple care facilities and cultural and person-centered services for assisting seniors and their families in the communities and meeting the various needs of seniors diversified and quality of life in our today’s longevity society.

  Regarding the company’s international and bilingual services (Chinese and English) for the elderly long-term care, please, go to the company website in Chinese for more details.

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